Boxycharm October 2018 Unboxing

Hey beauties! I’m super excited to unbox this month’s Boxycharm with you all. I thought it was so crazy that both Ipsy and Boxycharm had a masquerade mask as their theme. That is the first thing that came to mind when I saw this box and opened it. I loved a lot of the products here and I cannot wait to share them with you guys!

So, the first thing I got that caught my eye was the Farmacy Green Clean Facial Melt Cleanser. I was so excited to get this because I’ve used it before and it completely melts all makeup away! Thankfully I got it in full size so I can enjoy using this product for a little while longer before having to purchase more! The second product I got was It Cosmetics Superhero mascara and I was super happy about this because t’s a pretty good mascara. The next product in my bag was Dermovia Lace A Peel Black Bamboo Charcoal Peel Off Mask. As we all know I have sensitive dry skin so this definitely isn’t for me so it wasn’t my favorite product but I do still enjoy getting products that I wouldn’t use so I can give it to friends or family I know that would enjoy. The fourth product I got was the PUR Midnight Masquerade face palette which is pretty pigmented and I could definitely see myself using those products. The fifth and final thing I got was a Kat Von D liquid lipstick in K-Dub. I’m super excited about getting KVD in a box but I’m not stoked about the color. K-Dub is a vibrant purple and I would never use that shade in public.

Otherwise I was pretty happy with my Boxycharm this month! I hope you enjoyed reading this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content and make sure To Comment down below what your thoughts are on this month’s Boxycharm. What was your favorite product out of everything?

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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