Quick and Easy Last Minute Costumes

Hey everyone! With Halloween just a week away it seems a little to late to order a costume online and there’s probably slim pickings at the costume stores. So I complied a list of last minute costumes that would be perfect for anyone to throw together! They are easy to throw together so don’t worry if you don’t have a costume yet, you might have an idea after this post!

1. Cat Burglar

You can totally be a burglar for Halloween. All you’ll need is a black and white striped shirt, black jeans, black gloves and you can DIY a mask by buying black felt or even using an old black tank top and cutting holes for eyes!

2. Minnie Mouse

Take out those Minnie ears (OR DIY THEM WITH FLET AND A DOLLAR STORE HEADBAND) and throw on a red shirt, white gloves and black jeans. If you have colored ears from Disney (I have the rose gold pair) you can even throw together a unique Minnie outfit according to the ears you have. I am rose gold Minnie this year for my quick costume.

3. Farmer

I took this idea last year and wore a flannel and a pair of overalls with a straw hat and Ryan wore a flannel tucked in his shirt and a hat as well. This is easy to throw together and you can find these items just about anywhere.

4. Loofah (and Soap)

This one you’d definitely need to break out the hot glue gun but a friend of mine and I had dressed up as loofah and soap. I already had everything to make the outfit so it took me a total of 5 minutes to throw together. I threw on a pink dress and took thick waxy braided string I got from the Dollar Tree and tied it across my body. One string was tied across my chest, the other was around my ribs and the other was around my hips. I then took large wired pink tulle I had previously purchased from Michael’s and weaved it around the string. I then took more string and loosely tied all of the string together on each side of my body (front, back, and sides) and then I took a white piece of yarn and made a loop around the first waxy string that was around my chest and made it long enough to tie behind my neck. I then took a real matching pink loofah and hot glued it to a head band. If you have another person they can be bubbles and tie white balloons around two sets of strings around their hips and wear a white shirt, slippers and hot glue a rubber duck to a headband.

5. Winnie The Pooh

Get a mustard yellow skintight dress and a red crop top and throw the red shirt over the dress. Then go to the dollar store for a headband and grab some mustard yellow felt and cut ears out and glue them onto the headband. I do this by drawing the ears onto the felt and folding the felt in half and cutting out the felt ear while it’s folded. Make sure to not cut off the mirrored ear and glue the ear together on the headband.

6. Hippie

Grab a pair of your bootcut jeans and a tie dye t-shirt and wear that with a pair of round sunglasses and an elastic headband around the top of your hair. This is the perfect hippie costume for a quick thing to toss together.

7. Cat

Of course I will mention the cat because it’s a classic last minute go-to costume. All you need is a pair of cat ears which can either be DIY or bought from the dollar store if they still have some left and an all black outfit. You can even go further by drawing on a nose and whiskers.

8. Unicorn

Unicorns are so in right now and it’s a quick outfit that can be made in an instant. Wear an all white outfit; I suggest a white shirt and white jeans. Then make a unicorn horn which can be made out of construction paper or glittery scrapbook paper by simply cutting out an equilateral triangle and rolling it into a horn, hot glue it and you can decorate it with ribbon, pompoms or anything else you want.

9. Deer

All you have to do for this costume is wear an all tan outfit and a tan fur vest and do your makeup like a deer. Instead of antlers you can put your hair in two buns like ears.

10. Tooth Fairy

All you need for this outfit is a white dress a DIY star wand and a DIY crow with a tooth on it. Such a cute costume and so easy to put together!

I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content and make sure to comment down below what your thoughts are on these costumes.

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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