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HUDA Beauty Faux Filter Foundation Sample Review

Hey beauties! I am really excited to share the review of HUDA Beauty’s Faux Filter Foundation, I’ve seen this all over social media and in ads everywhere and I have been anticipating trying it. I ended up getting it in a sample and I decided why not! So I tried on the foundation and kept it on for over twelve hours.

When I saw this little sample packet I honestly thought they did well when it came to packaging–even though it was a sample the packaging of the sample is definitely quality. I tried the lightest shade in the ones we were given which is Macaroon. I applied this foundation using the same techniques I use while I apply my daily makeup.

At first I realized how cakey the foundation which got a little better when I threw on some setting powder and setting spray. Everything had seemed to resolve itself until I was 6-12 hours into wearing the foundation. The foundation had creased in my smile line, completely disappeared around the edges of my nose, sheer on the bridge of my nose and forehead and cracked in the middle of my brows. I was sorely disappointed in this foundation and I am glad I tried the sample before purchasing it because I wouldn’t have been happy if I wasted money on it. This may have been because of my skin type or just the way my skin is in general and the way it is textured etc. Just because I say this didn’t work for me this doesn’t mean that it couldn’t work for someone else and if it does than that’s great!

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-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

3 thoughts on “HUDA Beauty Faux Filter Foundation Sample Review

    1. I agree! Foundations work differently for everyone but this one definitely didn’t work for my skin type. Not to say I don’t like HUDA Beauty because I enjoy their products. This one in particular just didn’t work for me. Thanks for your feedback! Xo!


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