Charolette Russe Shoe Sale Purchase

Hey fashionistas! Charolette Russe had a pretty awesome sale on shoes recently. The shoes that were on clearance were up to an extra 70% off! There were so many pairs that had to be no more than $15. Especially shoes that were originally $35. I was in my glory, the only thing about these sales is that you have to get on the website as soon as you can otherwise your size will sell out.

So, I really wanted to share with you all the pair of shoes I got from this sale. I did get to the sale late which means there wasn’t much left in my size (6 1/2). But I did end up finding one pair that I absolutely loved and that I am now completely obsessed with. More so now that I have seen them in person. They are definitely my style and I couldn’t be more excited to style these!

I got these buckled and strappy open toed heels. They seem like they’d be great for spring, summer and fall! I am excited to see what kinds of outfits I will pair with these adorable shoes. I got these shoes for $13! It was such a bargain especially because previous to this I saw similar shoes at Target and they were $40! I’m happy I held off in purchasing these.

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-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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