Spooky Things To Do This Fall

Hey everyone! If you are a huge lover of spooky stuff and activities, then we have something in common. I love everything scary from haunted houses to horror movies. But sometimes I feel like during the spooky season of October, it’s hard to find spooky stuff to do! So I made a list of some spooky and scary activities you could engage in this season!

Here’s the list (enjoy if you dare):

• Watch a scary movie

• Tell scary stories with friends/family

• Go to a real haunted house/institution

• Do a haunted walkthrough

• Host/attend a haunted yard walkthrough in your neighborhood

• Go on a haunted hayride

• Ghost hunting with friends

• Visit your locations most haunted areas or most famous areas where strange things have happened (in New Jersey we have a whole website and book “Weird NJ” discussing creepy and crazy places to visit in the state).

• Go to amusement parks that host haunted attractions like Six Flags Freight Fest Or Universal’s Stranger Things

• Do a haunted/scary corn maze

• Take a ghost tour

• Go see a scary play Jekyll & Hyde

• Play a scary video game

• Play with a Ouija Board, Tarrot Cards etc.

• Read each other scary stories

• Watch a scary TV show

• Go on a haunted bar crawl

• Throw a murder mystery party

I hope you enjoyed these spooky activity ideas and make sure you subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content. Make sure to comment down below any additional scary things you think of!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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