A Dream I Have

Hey everyone! I am inspired to share a dream I have with you all today. I don’t normally discuss this with anyone but Ryan and my best friend but I recently had a near death experience and it pushed me to do more things that make me happy. My near death experience was eye opening and I appreciate having a second chance.

Let’s talk a little about my near death experience first. I was in the car with my best friend, she has a 2006 Monte Carlo. As we were making a left turn onto my street a huge pickup truck that was behind us didn’t see us until the last possible second and the person had to swerve around us. Since we were completely stopped waiting for the person in the oncoming lane to pass, we definitely would not have made it if we were hit. The impact of a pickup truck that size coming full speed of almost 45mph hitting a still car would be detrimental. We were both pretty shook up from the experience and we now realize how precious life is and how fast it could all just be over.

So, I am making it a point to do more things that make me happy, to not argue about pointless things, to be more positive and to always say I love you and goodbye to those I care for. I know that’s a loaded list of to-dos and it will take time for me to change my ways but I wanted to share some dreams I have when it comes to my life. When I accomplish these dreams I will likely share it with you all.

My dreams:

– I want to make a life canvas. I was inspired by a video with Jason Momoa that gave me this idea. After my near death experience I realized there wasn’t anything in my life that I was leaving behind that captured who I am as a person. No makeup, clothes or skincare is going to show who I was. So I want to make a scrapbook with pictures of me with people that I love, and maybe put my accomplishments that I am proud of in the book. If you want to watch Jason Momoas video to get a better understanding of what I am talking about here is the link: https://youtu.be/Ey1vror6dco!

– I want to graduate college and get a good job.

– I want to get married to my soulmate

– I want to be a home owner at some point in my life

– I want to have children

– I want to have a successful blog and YouTube channel and in turn be able to start my own online boutique

– I want to live a happy life.

These are my dreams and I hope to achieve them during my time here on earth. They seem like basic dreams to have but I guess we don’t realize that everything we wanted to amount to can be taken away in an instant. We aren’t promised tomorrow, so live today! I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content. Let me know your dreams in the comments down below.

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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