Simple Moisturizing Face Wash Review

Hey beauties! Today I am reviewing Simple Skincare’s moisturizing face wash, this face wash is meant to cleanse your skin but still leave it hydrated. It’s a gentle cleanser which is great for sensitive skin yet it works for all skin types. The face wash has Pro-Vitamin B5, Vitamins E and Bisabolbol. This is meant for everyday use.

The packaging of this product wasn’t the worst I’ve ever seen but it also wasn’t the best. It’s just a simple squeezable tube with a latch cap. I personally would much rather a pump but since this is affordable I cannot complain. I do like the white and green color scheme though. The colors of the bottle helps their message of not having additives because it has a natural and organic look to it.

I got this cleanser from Walmart for $5.99, it is 5oz of product which is a decent amount for it only being $5.99. I have dry and sensitive skin so I figured this would be great for the time being. I was washing my face and using this as a in-shower makeup remover as well. For a makeup remover I don’t suggest it, I still found some makeup residue on my skin but I also wear a lot of makeup. I would suggest removing your makeup before you use this product. I did feel that after a second wash (since I needed to get all of the makeup off first), it did clean my skin. My skin didn’t feel dry but it also didn’t feel necessarily hydrated either. I applied facial cream to my face every night to moisturize my skin after using this.

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-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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