How To Better Plan Your Time/Life

Recently I have been struggling with time management because I am always so busy. We’ve all been here, and balancing out life as well as work is very hard. I’ve come up with a few solutions to the problem that I would like to share. But I first want to discuss how much I have on my plate to give you an idea of why I had trouble with time management.

Not only do I have an internship that I work for 13 hours a week, I also have a full course load which is 21 credits. On top of that I took on a second internship that I work for 12 hours a week and I am also the head of an organization on campus which is a ton of work. I am also taking on a note-taker position at school which means I have to take notes for students in class and type them out and upload them for the students to access. Plus, I am joining Ju Jitsu which I will be going to for an hour or two twice-three times a week. I also have to do stuff for my blog as well as YouTube channel. I try to go to the gym as often as I can after school or on the weekends for an hour or two. On top of all of that I also have a relationship, social life and family life that I try to keep intact. It’s a lot to handle. Trying to fit everything in my schedule seems almost impossible but I’m managing to do it.

So what are the ways to better manage your time and your life? First off, buy a planner and actually use the planner. This will help you remember due dates, events and will prevent you from planning something on a day you already have plans. You can even color-code the planner to make it easier to read which assignment is for which class and what event is mandatory or optional.

Second, set reminders on your phone for things that can be easily forgotten a few hours before it is due or you need to show up. Whether that be for a meeting, or a weekly discussion board post.

Third, don’t say yes to something until you know that you have nothing else to do. Nothing feels worse than scheduling an appointment with someone and then having to cancel last minute because you forgot to check what you had planned already. So make sure to double check your calendar before agreeing to something.

Fourth, do important work before the due date. This is extremely necessary because if you have a lot of stuff going on things may slip your mind or you might not have time to do it later. It’s best to keep up with any work you have by doing it a week in advance if you can.

Fifth, if you are trying to do things for yourself make sure you make time for it. Obviously, you need to make sure you have everything done that is necessary to get done first. But if you want to work out then try to allot time for it to happen. It’s important you do things for yourself when you are busy because otherwise you might drive yourself crazy.

Sixth, don’t assume that you don’t need a social life. Humans are natural social creatures and being social is necessary sometimes. So whatever opportunity you have to hangout with friends, go somewhere with your significant other, or be with family then take it. But again make sure you have no other obligations before saying yes.

For instance, here is my tentative schedule:


Internship #1- 10am-4:30pm

Ju Jitsu- 8pm-9pm


School- 10am-4:20pm

Internship #2- 4:30pm-9pm

Homework- 10pm-11pm



Muay Thai- 10am-11pm

Ju Jitsu- 11pm-12pm

School- 3:30pm- 10pm

Gym- 11pm-12am


School- 10am-4:20pm

Internship #2- 4:30pm-9pm

Homework- 10pm-11pm

Gym- 11:30pm-12:30am


Internship #1- 10am-4:30pm

Ju Jitsu- 6pm-7pm

Gym- 7pm-8pm

Hangout With Friends- 9:30pm-12:30am


Family and Boyfriend day

Do any other homework


Homework, boyfriend and his family day

Meal prep for the week


From this schedule I am able to move things around and schedule things around activities that are already implemented in my plans. I hope this helps you with making your schedules and that you enjoyed reading his post. Please remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content. Comment down below what helps you while making your schedule.

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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