Beauty Products I Will Not Be Buying

Hey beauties! As you may or may not know there is a ton of new products that have been released on You can find these under the Just Arrived section of Sephora’s website. I skimmed through a lot of the items and I am very disinterested in a lot that was released. I figured I would share a small list of products that I don’t want to buy.

First is Fenty Beauty’s new highlighter, do not get me wrong Rihanna’s makeup line is easily a favorite of mine. I, personally, just don’t think this shade of highlighter will look good on my skin tone. So, I won’t be purchasing unless I test it out and see how it looks.

Next item is Too Faced’s early release of their Christmas line Gingerbread. Maybe it’s just the grinch in me but I don’t want to even think about Christmas right now. Regardless, I feel that a lot of these shades are bland and I would maybe only use a few. Not to say that this isn’t a good quality product, I just don’t see myself using it.

The next item is based solely on reviews. This new Pineapple Of My Eye palette from Tarte has a very low star rating. I have read and seen reviews of this palette and the quality of the palette looks low. I’ve even read that the shadows blend to nothing. I quickly decided against this purchase.

The next product is another Too Faced product. They came out with a Tickled Peach Mini palette and honestly I feel that their peach line is super played out. I loved their initial release of the original peach palette, with the setting sprays and also the Just Peachy Mattes palette. But now I feel it’s time for Too Faced to move on from the Peach line and create something more innovative.

Another Tarte product, I am not going to be purchasing the Let’s Flamingle Brush Set. To me I honestly feel that the shapes of the brushes themselves look super thin, awkward to hold and even top heavy. It’s a good idea in theory but I just don’t see this being of practical use. I do think this would be great for vanity display though.

Last but not least another Too Faced Product. I have to say that I am super happy that Too Faced just had their 20 year anniversary. I do love the brand but the only actual problem I have with this palette is that I just don’t see myself grabbing for it. I think I would maybe use seven shades from the palette and it’s not a worth-it purchase for me.

I am in no way coming for any of these brands, even though this was mostly Too Faced and Tarte products it was honestly just coincidence. I have nothing against these products they just aren’t worth spending my own money on if I don’t feel it will look good on me or if I feel that I won’t use it. I honestly love each of these brands but I don’t have to like all of their products. If any of these products worked for you please don’t be offended. Sometimes what works for one person doesn’t work for another. With that being said I hope you enjoyed reading this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content. Comment down below what products you won’t be purchasing.

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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