Disney Trip Overview

Hey everyone! As you may know I am about two weeks back from Disney and I honestly wish I could go back. I truly miss it regardless of how home sick I get when I am away. Disney is such a magical place and it makes me feel like a child again. Since I am seriously missing Disney right now I figured I would write an overview of my trip!

Magic Kingdom:

These are my favorite pictures from the three days we spent in Magic Kingdom. It is my second favorite park! The ride I would consider to be my favorite from Magic Kingdom is The Wheel Of Progress. A show that I really enjoyed was the firework show that is in the last to photos.

Hollywood Studios:

These are my favorite photos from Hollywood Studios which so happens to be my favorite park in Disney World. I love so many rides from this park but I think my favorite has to be Tower Of Terror and my favorite show is definitely the Frozen Sing-Along.


These were the pictures I liked the most from Epcot. I had so much fun here doing the Food And Wine Festival. I also love the ride Soaring in Epcot. My favorite drink from Epcot’s festival is the frozen passion fruit martini. I also loved Epcot’s nations firework show!

Animal Kingdom:

The last park is Animal Kingdom, it may not be my favorite park but my ultimate favorite ride is in this park and that was Flight Of Passage in Pandora. I am obsessed with the new Avatar themed park and Disney did an amazing job with it. The ride honestly is so freeing to go on and I can honestly say it’s my favorite ride I’ve EVER been on. I also really enjoy going on the safari ride to see all of the animals.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post overview of my trip to Disney. I can’t wait to be back there as soon a possible! Please remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content. Comment down below what your favorite Disney character is!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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