First Time Shopping At Cotton On: Haul And Try On

Hey fashionistas! I had another first time shopping experience but this time it was at Cotton On. If you hadn’t seen the last post of “my first time shopping at” I went to Primark for the first time ever. If you want to checkout that post here is the link: My First Time Shopping At Primark: Haul And Try On. So, I really wanted to talk about my experience here and share what I got.

When I first saw the store I wasn’t very interested in going in. I was indifferent and since I didn’t know what it was I figured that I would just keep it that way. But my friends really wanted to go in so I agreed to tag along. I walked in and immediately found at least five things that I really wanted or was totally in love with. I then gravitated towards the graphic tees. I usually don’t purchase graphic tees anymore but recently I’ve started to get back into them.

I ended up purchasing this black cropped graphic tee that says “Exclusive. Paris, Milan”. I was already sold once I saw it because it’s honestly a really elegant and simple graphic tee. I also really wanted a tote bag because they had super cute tote bags for only $2 a piece! But I restrained from getting one.

Instead, the cashier asked if I wanted to make a $1 donation to Cotton On Foundation and me being the huge philanthropist that I am, always looking for a way to help someone or something in need, I said yes. I was able to pick out a gorgeous bracelet which was how you donated.

Not only did I purchase a really pretty shirt and got a really pretty bracelet. I walked out of Cotton On feeling a sense of fulfillment since I was able to donate towards their foundation. I found out that the Cotton On Foundation I donated towards was to help children living in poverty be able to get educated. This really makes me feel like even a small act like picking out a bracelet to purchase and wearing it out can make a difference for someone who needs help.

After shopping there I proudly wear my bracelet around and tell anyone that I can about the Cotton On Foundation. Now going back to the shirt that I purchased, I paired this graphic tee with a slim pair of high waisted jeans from Zara. For shoes I wore a pair of red heeled mules and no accessories other than my glasses.

I am very much obsessed with my purchase and couldn’t be happier. I recommend shopping here to get some cute clothes and to donate even just $1 towards the Cotton On Foundation. I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content. Comment down below if you’ve shopped here before or if you want to shop here!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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