August 2018 Boxycharm

Hey beauties! Today I will be unboxing my Boxycharm with you all. I love Boxycharm so so much and honestly this subscription box beats basically every single one out there in my opinion. You get full-size name brand products every month for only $21 per month. Let’s see what goodies are in this month’s box!

I was half disappointed and half excited for this month’s box. I saw that I got the Tarte Sweatproof mascara which is okay and all but I really wanted the House Of Lashes, lashes that was an available product. But it’s okay, I’m glad that it was Tarte mascara to say the least. But I will get into why else I was half disappointed and half excited.

So the first product I was pretty excited about were these Wander Beauty eye masks. I am never sad about getting skincare products, especially face masks. I feel that, with all of the subscriptions I had and currently have, the Beauty boxes replenish all my skincare. I’ve only used makeup from this company (which can be found on so I am excited to test out some of their skincare products.

Okay, so this product I wasn’t elated about but I am not mad about it. I saw that we had the possibility of getting a cuticle oil and personally that’s not something that gets me excited. But, with the terrible cuticles I have I am also not mad about getting this product because I honestly will use this. Especially with the colder months coming upon us, this will definitely be necessary.

Something that I wasn’t really into in my box that made me half disappointed is this Bang Beauty Gel Eyeliner in brown. First of all, I don’t think I’ll ever use brown eyeliner. Second of all, I’ve never heard of the company (not to say it isn’t good or worth trying) but I was interested in a ton of different products we had the chance of getting and this was not one of them. But I will definitely try and give this item a chance.

Like I said previously, this is another thing that kind of disappointed me in this box. I really wanted the House Of Lashes, Lashes that we could possibly get but I got the Tarte Sweatproof mascara instead. I am not mad about it because I will use it (even though it’s a brown mascara). But I definitely would have rather gotten something else. Other than the fact that I wanted the fake lashes, I actually do like the product itself.

This Smashbox Be Legendary Pucker Up Lipstick Palette is something that I was very happy about. This particular item turned my frown upside down. I was super excited about getting this and I am even more excited to try it out. I love the shade range as well and I feel it would be a perfect palette for the upcoming season.

The last product has me a little iffy. I don’t blame Boxycharm for why this product has got me feeling down. I personally like Laura Lee Los Angeles products and I was a subscriber of Laura Lee which is why I’m half happy about this product. BUT I don’t agree with some things that she has said in the past and this month she was surrounded with a lot of controversy. So, I personally feel that it almost ruined the box this month especially for those who were offended and hurt by her words. This is why I am iffy about this product but I understand that Boxycharm really had no idea that these string of events would occur. In addition to that, I wasn’t sure if I would ever use this palette since it’s all bright neon colors which is the least of my concerns considering everything else but it was also something I noted when I got the palette as well.


These are my own personal thoughts and if you do not agree with them I 100% respect that. I do understand that Laura Lee did apologize for her mistakes but at the time I wrote this I hadn’t seen the apology video yet. If you are a fan I hope you understand that I am in no way trying to offend or disrespect anyone. I will not state my feelings about Laura Lee or this situation but do know that I respect everyone’s thoughts, feelings and opinions. All I ask in return is for you to respect mine.

Otherwise I felt that this box was half great and half ehhh. I never really get disappointed with Boxycharm but this month wasn’t my absolute favorite. I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content. Please comment below what your thoughts are on this box.

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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