Back To School Shopping At Target And Dollar Tree

‘Tis the season for back to school shopping. This time is my favorite time of year, it’s the best part of the school year! I don’t know if it’s because I love office supplies or if I’m just excited to start the school year but back to school shopping is a favorite pastime of mine. Sadly, this will be my last year to go back to school shopping because I will be graduating college next semester. But I am writing a post on everything I got for school for the last time ever (unless I decide to continue my degree and get a Masters or PhD).

I went back to school shopping at Target (of course) and Dollar Tree. I get so excited about office supplies I sometimes go overboard with what I get for school! But, I have always felt that Target and Dollar Tree has the cutest back to school stuff!

At the Dollar Tree I got two really cute folders. One is a glitter flamingo folder that says “Stand Tall” And the other is a mermaid folder that says “Dream Big Little Mermaid”. I then got a black portfolio folder for Ryan because he will be taking classes for his job. I then got a blue and light pink floral binder that says “Love”. I also got a mineral stone/geode designed composition notebook, a yellow and pink floral pocket agenda that says “Blossoms and Blooms”. I also got Ryan a blue colored Mead 3 subject notebook for his class as well!

From Target I got a yoobi notebook that had iridescent graphics on it, a pink and cream flamingo notebook to match the folder I got from Dollar Tree, and a pink notebook that says “Fearless Female”. I also got a gold Mead 3 subject notebook with a gray folder, a striped colorful notebook with a matching folder. I also got a large pink marbled planner. For supplies I got whiteout, mechanical pencils and a pencil sharpener!

I loved everything I got and I am obsessed with my school supplies this year. After this year all of my supplies will be for an actual job/career. I can’t wait to see what this school year will bring me. I hope you all enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content. Comment down below what supplies are your favorite out of the ones I got!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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