Dose Of Colors Liquid Lipstick Review

Hey beauties! I think from now on I am going to try and give you all little breaks in between my haul posts since I do hauls so often. So here I am today with a review of a liquid lipstick I wrote about in a haul post yesterday! You can check out that haul post here: Ulta Beauty Haul #2.

So, if you missed the post yesterday make sure to read up on that because these two posts are directly related with one another. I purchased a liquid lipstick from Ulta in the search for a nice fall shade. I grabbed this lipstick from Dose Of Colors and I was automatically obsessed. It was a nice berry mauve shade which gives me a break from the constant nude shades I usually wear.

Let’s talk about packaging, of course we do this first before jumping into the review. I think this packaging is very simple and sleek but it would be the perfect addition to the vanity. It is great quality and it honestly reminds me of Jeffrey Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick packaging! I love the frosted look of the tube and the white chrome duo is gorgeous.

The shade name of this matte liquid lipstick is Warm & Fuzzy. The shade name honestly translates to how this lipstick makes me feel. I love how this shade looks on me and the formula is amazing. The matte finish is perfect and it’s tested (by me) to be kiss proof but definitely not food proof so make sure you carry it to re-apply if you are planning to dine-out. It wasn’t a streaky lipstick but I did apply two coats and the picture above is the result. This is definitely a brand worth checking out, their products can be found at Ulta on Ultas website or on Dose Of Colors website.

I hope you enjoyed this review and remember to subscribe for email notifications. Comment down below what your thoughts are on this brand Dose Of Colors and their liquid lipstick.

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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