Influenster VoxBox Review: L’Oréal Sublime Bronze Self Tanner

Hey everyone! I was lucky enough to get yet another VoxBox from Influenster, which basically means I got another free product to test. I will further explain what Influenster is and how you can score free products for yourself as well as my review of this free product I was given.

I want to just explain what Influenster is first before getting into the nitty gritty details. Influenster is an amazing company that allows its members to get free products to review in exchange for free products. I know it sounds sketchy, especially because anything that usually sends you “free products” is a scam but I promise you it is not a scam! I’ve gotten tons of free products and all they ask for in return is for you to review the product and share it on social media.

To get involved in Influenster you can download their app which is available on both on iOS and Android. You could also use their website platform as well. Once you do this they will ask you to make an account with them which requires an email, password and phone number.

Once you download the app and make an account you will have to connect all types of social media you have. This will help with your impact score. Your impact score translates to how many people follow, subscribe, and you are friends with on social media. If you have a high impact score you are able to reach more people and will have a higher chance at getting a VoxBox (a free product to review).

Once you link all social media you can earn badges in different subjects. This will give Influenster a better gear towards what type of VoxBox to send you (Makeup, accessories/clothes, exercise items etc.). Also, the more badges you have the better of a chance you have at getting a VoxBox.

How do you know if you are getting a VoxBox? You never really know when it will happen but just keep an eye out for email surveys from Influenster that say you qualify for a VoxBox. Taking these surveys will get you in the drawing for a box and if you are being sent a VoxBox you will get an email saying “You’re in”. Then you get to complete brand badges which are badges that all different brands allow you to unlock when you review a product of theirs in a VoxBox or a VirtualVox.

After you get your first VoxBox, you have to check-in your box to notify Influenster that you received it. Then you will have to complete mandatory tasks (i.e. reviewing the product on the brands website, follow the social media accounts of the brand, share on social media etc.). These mandatory tasks give you points that add up to 100 points total. After completion, it will allow you to “unlock” a brand badge which is necessary in order to qualify for more VoxBoxes in the future. Once you finish all of the tasks you have to keep an eye out for a possible incoming email survey about the product you tested. The survey is mandatory in order to qualify for more VoxBoxes. With every VoxBox you could also win additional products because if you complete your badge you are entered into a contest. But you can also join the Influenster Twitter or Facebook party where they live tweet/post and if you reply to all the tweets with the appropriate hashtags and @-ing the appropriate brands you can get a MegaVoxBox.

There are other Badges that everyone is able to unlock. Sometimes this will be a badge for Halloween where you just have to review your favorite candy or a badge during Christmas where you make a list of gifts you want that year. Each themed badge has different tasks but they are easy to unlock and you don’t need to receive a VoxBox to get this badge.

Influenster also has VirtualVoxes. This is essentially a “Virtual VoxBox”. You qualify to be in a VirtualVox and you have tasks that involve you taking “shelfies” with the product (a selfie with a product on a store shelf) or testing out the sample of the product in the store and reviewing it. These are just as important as VoxBoxes and you get these more frequently. In a VirtualVox you still have to complete a mandatory brand badge but you will be entered into a contest to win either a MegaVoxBox which is a huge VoxBox with tons of products or something for free from that brand.

On Influenster you are able to look up products and review the products themselves. This will increase your chances of getting a VoxBox. The more you review the better! Plus, this will help you increase your levels for different badge subjects like Beauty or Fashion! You also have to remember, the more products that you review in a certain subject you will have more of a chance of getting products related to that subject.

You can also answer and ask questions. This is where you can help fellow Influensters make decisions about product purchases. You can even ask your own questions about different products and other Influensters will help you out as well! This can help you achieve a badge if you answer enough questions and if your answers are liked.

You are also able to make lists of products. This is a very cool feature to have because sometimes if you want to make a wishlist that can be hard. Influenster makes it easy for you to make a list of products and sometimes this is necessary for you to get a badge.

There is also a new feature called Snaps. I’ve been on Influenster for a long time and this is only about half a year old or so. Snaps are surveys Influenster gears towards your interests. Influenster also picks out products for you to review related to your previous reviews. These are all things that help you get a VoxBox.

Now that I explained in detail what Influenster is as well as what a VoxBox is and how to get one, let’s get into the review of this VoxBox. I was lucky enough to get the L’Oréal Sublime Bronze VoxBox. This included a Hydrating Self Tanning Milk. I was super happy to get this because I need a self tanner to keep my tan fresh looking from vacation.

I quickly lose my tan so a self tanner is a must for me. When I tried this I felt my skin was a lot more hydrated than any other self tanner I’ve used in the past. It was lightweight and it didn’t seem to clog my pores. It also gave me a gorgeous natural looking glow. I absolutely love this self tanner and the packaging is also very pretty and it is definitely well made. I like that this product has a hand-pump because it makes it easy to pump out product for an easy application. If you are looking for an instant result this is not one of those products. This takes at least two days to really build a tan if you don’t have a good base tan.

I am really appreciative to have received this VoxBox and I want to thank both L’Oréal and Influenster for this opportunity to review this product for completely free of cost (not even shipping/handling). I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content. Comment down below any questions about Influenster you have. If you want to download Influenster please feel free to use my referral link:

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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