Zara Purchase Haul And Try On

Hey fashionistas! Yay, I have another haul for you all and it’s actually related to the haul from yesterday (Old Navy Purchase)! I wanted to throw these two hauls up on the same day but since I am only doing one post a day from now on I decided to make it a two-day special. Its a haul on *drumroll* jeans! I got some amazing jeans from Zara and wanted to share them.

Let’s talk about quality. So, growing up I never really had good quality jeans. I’ve only purchased from brands like YMI, Hollister, H&M and other fast fashion brands. They are good for maybe two years at most. But now that I’m older I’ve purchased from brands like Levi’s, Calvin Klein etc. and you can definitely tell a difference in quality. These Zara jeans are definitely up there when it comes to quality! They are made well and they aren’t the thin, wear out in a year kind of jean. Just by feeling the quality of the denim and the accessories (zipper, button etc) I know these will last. But this is why they costed $59.

These aren’t the affordable $12.75 Old Navy’s but I needed quality high waisted jeans that will give me better shape. These definitely help with that! I have never owned denim high waisted pants but since they’re trendy I decided I needed a pair. These are definitely an investment but I really love them and they fit me very well! I loved my purchase especially since I was able to get 20% off after signing up for emails, but I also got free shipping. If you are looking for quality jeans I suggest you stop at Zara and check out what they have!

I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content and comment down below what your thoughts are on Zara jeans!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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