Weird Beauty Finds: Beauty Hack Tested

Hey everyone! I’m super excited to test a weird beauty hack my friend told me about. My friend had explained that she was scrolling through Instagram and saw a girl taking a receipt and patting it on her face. She then told me that the girl turned the receipt around and there was oil from her face on it. So, the receipt acts as an oil absorbing pad! We all know how expensive these oil absorbing pads are, so this hack could be a life and money saver!

I felt really oily especially since the weather has been super humid lately. So I took a receipt which I’m pretty sure I got from the gas station and patted it on my skin. I mainly focused on the areas I felt oily as well as my T-zone. I didn’t press down hard either. I used it just as I would an oil absorbing sheet.

I thought after hearing this, that it was a joke but after patting my skin that was oily for a minute I got results and my face was no longer oily. I had beautifully matte skin. Warning: if you are wearing makeup some makeup may come off as you are patting your skin. It was really cool that this hack actually worked!

This was the end result of me using the receipt as an oil absorbing sheet. It made my skin feel better and it looks completely matte. I’m not sure how sanitary this act is but it works nonetheless! I still recommend using oil absorbing sheets but if you really need to get that slickness off of your skin and this is your last resort then I say do it!

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-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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