My 21st Birthday Aesthetic

Hey everyone! I wanted to share an aesthetic post about my 21st Birthday! I’m not that big into partying and drinking but I obviously couldn’t get a virgin pina colada and sit by the pool for my 21st (as much as I wanted to)! I went out to a night club with my best friends and we went to dance and enjoy ourselves.

We started the night off with Polaroid pictures. I’m just such a huge picture person this was something that was a must for my birthday! We all took pictures and laughed so hard while doing it.

I really loved the outfit I got for my 21st which was from TOBI and the shoes were from Lulus! I got the Birthday Girl sash and 21st Birthday tiara from a gift from my best friend! They were both hot pink and sparkly which encapsulates my style perfectly.

I was able to have my first legal drink and honestly the rest of the night we were just dancing and having a good time. I just wanted to enjoy my time and remember it, which was important to me. It was definitely a successful night with no drama or shenanigans happening (which is very rare for a 21st Birthday I hear)!

And the one really fun thing we did was have a picture scavenger hunt at the club! So I met a bunch of really cool people and just asked them to take a picture with me! It was equally cool and funny. My 21st Birthday was a success and I was happy to have a chill night with my best friends (another plus side to not being a big drinker, no hangovers)!

I hope you enjoyed this aesthetic and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content! Comment down below what you did on your 21st or what you plan on doing when you turn 21!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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