A Week Of Date Ideas

Hey everyone! I’ve been on a date idea craze lately and wanted to do a post that gives you all date ideas that you can do for a whole entire week. You and your significant other should definitely and try complete this list at least once! A whole week of dates is so much fun!


To really brighten up your Sunday together you can both go on a shopping spree together! Make it even more fun by getting each other surprise gifts (with a set money limit) at the end of the shopping spree!


Re-decorate a room! Whether you live together or not you can re-decorate a room in your house/apartment or either of your bedrooms!


Do a DIY wine/beer/whiskey/cheese tasting at home! You can either do it alone or invite some friends over. You can pair this with a painting night with some Bob Ross videos. Whoever paints the best picture gets to pick the theme of the next couples date night!


Go to a park together! You can even do a picnic at the park you visit. Just make sure you are allowed to picnic before you get there!


Visit your family’s house for dinner and bring some homemade dessert with you that you both prepared earlier.


Hit the bar or a club and if you are not old enough to do this then make your own dance floor in your house! You can use colored lights from a store like five below or Wal-Mart and use a speaker for music. Dance the night away!


Go to an open house together! You can both dress up and visit an open house and pretend like you are looking for a home together! This can even help you both figure out what you are looking for in a house and how you would like to decorate it.

I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content! I hope you use these Date ideas to your advantage and comment down below what your thoughts are on them!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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