Make It A Date: 20 Dates That Should Happen Everyday

Everyday is quite a bit of time but some of these dates are necessary and could even make your own life easier! I think these dates are important to try and have as much as you can. You may not even realize that a lot of these things could be date ideas! So, let’s jump into the list of things to make a date out of!

1. Working Out

Being sweaty and exercising may be the last thing you’d want to do as a date but trust me, it’s to your and your significant others benefit! Exercising should be a part of everyone’s everyday life. Whatever you are able to do for exercise, then make it into a date. You can keep each other company or even assist and encourage each other. Exercising can be as simple as taking a walk for a half hour or lifting free weights. This can help keep you both healthier and help you fit exercising into your day!

2. Talk About Your Day

This is a very simple but necessary date to have. Sit down or relax with your significant other and take ten minutes to just talk about how your day went. Let each other have a chance to speak about their day and their feelings– no one should be talking over one another. After each of you talk, you may have a better understanding as to why your significant other may be in a bad mood or why they are exhausted! If they don’t want to talk about their day then don’t pressure them, give them time to open up to you and let them know that you are there for them if they want to talk about it!

3. Eat Together

Some of these dates can be hard to fit into everyday, especially if you are in a long distance relationship or you/your significant other travels a lot without you. But eating together can definitely be achieved whether you are in the same room or across the world. If you are not with your significant other physically, then make sure to video chat with them when you eat or even send them a video if they aren’t able to video chat with you. If you are able to eat together physically then you can cook together, set the table really nice and have your meal.

4. Spend Some Time Hugging

I’ve heard this from a few married couples, and they live by this advice: Spend about 10 minutes everyday hugging. This method apparently brings you closer together and helps you de-stress. So not only will this help your relationship but it will help your own mental health as well. You can do this in the morning before you both start your day, when you see each other during free time you both have, once you get home from work or right before bed. You can talk during this time but make sure to not talk about anything you will possibly fight about– this time is for bliss and de-stressing.

5. Talk About Things That Have Been On Your Mind/ Worrying You And Try To Problem Solve

When you are worried about something or something on your mind has been bugging you the best thing to do is talk about it. The more you let something fester inside your mind, the more anxiety and problems you will build. Doing this might also make problems seem a lot bigger and more serious than they actually are. Discuss anything of this nature with your significant other and you can both work on a solution together. If you are worried or something on your mind is bothering you that has to do with your significant other, don’t accuse them of whatever it is. Just discuss your worries calmly and have an open conversation, accusations will only make your significant other defensive and the problem will not be solved.

6. Make (Healthy) Meals For Lunch

It is up to you if you want to eat healthy or not but I think an important date to have is to make lunches together for work/school. Healthy lunches are usually the way to go for me (unless we have a cheat day or week lol)! But making lunches together for work or for school can save you both money by eating food from home and it is a nice routine to have if you are living together. You can even do something I’ve learned from Ryan’s family: make some lunches for the week out of leftovers from dinner. If you make dinner at home or if you go out to dinner and have leftovers take Tupperware and make lunches out of the leftovers. Another nice sentiment you could do is stick a note in his lunch box/ brown paper bag that says something sweet like “I hope you have a good day at work 🙂 <3!”

7. Visit Each Others Families

This can’t be a daily occurrence but once/ twice a week make sure, if you can, to try and visit families. Family is very important to Ryan and I so we try our best to make sure we see our family members once or twice a week. You can make plans to come for dinner (bonus: since they are family you can bring leftovers home from their house), you can offer to make desserts with them, have a wine/ beer night, or go to their house to chat with dessert and coffee. Just as long as you get to see the people you love! With the busy lives we all have today, it’s definitely important to make some time if you can, to see and spend time with family.

8. Get Off The Phone

This is something, nowadays especially, I tell anyone looking for advice when it comes to a relationship. Get off your phones. So much time is wasted looking at memes, tweeting, Facebook and Instagram scrolling, pinning on Pinterest and doing a lot of mindless things on the phone. Imagine how much quality time could be spent if you limited phone use around your significant other. I have been in this situation a few times myself, where Ryan and I have sat in bed and not said a word to each other while on our phones. It’s very sad and when I catch us doing it I put my phone down and limit my amount of phone use. This has actually gotten us closer.

9. Do At Least One Fun Activity A Day

Whether it be taking your dogs for a walk around your neighborhood, having a tickle fight, babysitting your niece/nephew or hanging out with another couple. Try to plan on doing at least one fun thing everyday that you both enjoy. It doesn’t have to be something that is time consuming either. It could be as simple as playing one round of go fish before bed. A side note: don’t get discouraged if you aren’t able to do this small fun activity. Things happen and plans get changed and sometimes you might not be in the mood to do it. Just try to make the plan and follow through, if not, there is always tomorrow!

10. Show Each Other Your Appreciation

Showing appreciation is something that is quite often forgotten about especially in a relationship. Sometimes we get so used to certain actions that we forget to appreciate them. Like your significant other opening the car door for you, or you waiting up for your significant other when they are working late. All that is necessary is a small thank you, or for you both to say reasons why “I appreciate you”. You can both even do the occasional “I got this because it reminded me of you” gift. Appreciating each other is definitely important to do almost daily. Making this into a date is easy– just take time to sit down and tell each other one or many things you appreciate that they do.

11. Show Affection

Long term relationships are sometimes lacking in this aspect. Sometimes you may not feel that affection is necessary 24/7 after surpassing the “honeymoon stage” which can last from 6 months-2 years. I’ve seen a lot of relationships end because they felt that there wasn’t as much affection as there once was. Just first understand that this is normal. The quick fix to this is to just show more affection (which isn’t limited to the bedroom). There are many ways to show affection. For example, holding hands, kissing or even kissing their cheek, hugging, back rubs, cuddling, and even putting your arm around their waist/shoulder. The list goes on! So try to make it a point to show affection everyday you can even make it a date by having a massage night, or a cuddle and video game night.

12. Skincare Routine

Try to implement doing a skincare routine for the both of you everyday. You can do this 30 minutes before they leave to go home, over video chat or before you both go to bed (if you are living together)! Skincare is very important and under appreciated. It’s definitely worth the money to have nice skin. Good skin is something that improves your confidence. So you can both make it a date every night to do a skincare routine together. If your significant other is not willing to do face masks and the whole 9-yards then you can try and make suggestions for face wash and different skincare products they could use.

13. Do Something You Both Enjoy

You can start a series on Netflix and watch it together, watch movies, play video games, play board or card games, listen to music, play music, go in the hot tub or take a bath, read books together, make up dances, paint, reading a story to your kids etc. The list for indoor hobbies goes on. Try and find something you both enjoy that you can do when you get home from work or school. This will help both of you bond because it is a common interest that you both share. This doesn’t have to require hours of free time but maybe a half an hour to and hour!

14. Have A Special Night Designated To Something

Have a night designated to something you both love! For example, if you both watch football then you could host a football game night and have snacks, drinks and the game on! Thursday nights could be wine night if you both enjoy drinking wine. You could have Friday be for scary movies. I recommend only doing something like this once or if you really want to do it often-twice a week because this can become time consuming. Ryan and I have movie night on Tuesdays, we switch off who chooses the movie and we watch it with some little snacks and every other month we do movie night at the movie theater! It’s definitely something fun to do when you find something both of you enjoy.

15. Make Time To Discuss Plans!

This is so so important. Ryan and I have to do this, otherwise our lives are complete chaos. Making a point to sit down and discuss plans is a great habit to have in a relationship. It may seem extremely tedious but I recommend having a planner and sitting down for at least 20 minutes and discussing plans for the month and come back everyday for 5 minutes to make sure nothing has changed. This is great if you love together as well because you can use this time to budget your money, discuss what bills need to be payed and other things that are important to discuss. Plans can become hectic but when you take this step to make sure everything is in line, it will all work out!

16. Plan Your Dates

Actual dates can become nonexistent in relationships with two very busy people. But if you come together at the beginning of the week and plan to do something on the weekend then it will be easier to come through on those plans. A lot of the time in a relationship someone says “let’s do a Date night on Sunday downtown” and the plan is forgotten about. I say planning things like dates is important to do daily. Schedules can change and planning a date night in one day can be forgotten about over the course of a week. So come back together daily for 5 minutes to plan little things you can do on your date and as you get closer to the day you can pick a time to go and what time you want to get home etc. This will help keep the date fresh in your mind and it will be easier to plan around it.

17. Text Each Other Something Nice During The Day

This is like a small virtual date! Not everyone has the luxury of being next to their significant other every second of the day. So, when you are out with your friends, at work, wake up, or running errands without each other shoot them a text. It will tell your significant other that you are thinking about them and it will make them feel good. Things like his can automatically brighten up their day and if you do it often enough they might reciprocate and text you when you’re on their mind. You don’t have to write paragraphs about how much you love and appreciate them (only if you want to), you can just text them something like “Hey, miss you lots! Xo!” This is a nice gesture to try and do daily.

18. Clean Together

Yes this may seem like an annoying task but this will actually help you build team working and problem solving skills with your significant other. This also prevents the “You leave a mess behind wherever you are” argument most couples have. You can both clean together daily by staying on top of laundry, cleaning the house, and straightening up your room. It might not make you closer (per-say) but it will help build team working skills for your relationship because you are working together to clean. It also can help with problem solving in your relationship because cleaning shows that the quickest way to clean a mess (or solve a problem) is to do it together!

19. NAP!

This actually doesn’t have to be done daily unless you want to but napping together is something I found to be important in a relationship. Honestly, power naps are the best and they help me de-stress as well as give me energy to continue what I have to do for the day. So try and have a power nap with your significant other. It is a nice experience, and napping with your S.O. is much more comfortable than napping alone! Plus it will help you both de-stress which is definitely an upside to this activity. Less stress in a relationship, the better. So I say, nap away!

20. Surprise Each Other

This also isn’t something that has to be done every day. But having a little bit of surprise in every day or if you times a week is very nice and can help keep the spontaneity and lustfulness for each other in a relationship. This can be done by picking a flower from the garden outside and giving it to your significant other, giving a surprise back rub, or even spontaneously baking some goodies your significant other likes! It can be simple but also you can do complex things to surprising them once in a while as well. Like a small surprise party for their promotion at work or a nice surprise gift like a bracelet!

I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content! Comment down below what think about these daily dates.

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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