Professional Football Game Outfit

Hey everyone! For those of you who enjoy football or know about football, know that preseason games are upon us. I am just starting to learn and enjoy this sport, and I recently went to my first EVER professional football game tonight! I wanted to share what I wore and my experience.

Ryan purchased these tickets as a part of my birthday present and we had seats very close to the field! I am super thankful that Ryan got these tickets for me because it was a super fun time and we were so close to the players! There was tons of cheering involved and we even got to see two touchdowns right in front of us!

As for my outfit, I had borrowed one of Ryan’s Jets jerseys that said Revis. I wore a tank top underneath since the jersey was see through. I had the tank top completely tucked in and I half tucked the jersey into my ripped Levi jeans. I paired this outfit with my black Old Skool Vans!

We also tailgated before we went in which was a ton of fun! I had the whole experience of going to a football game and I really want to go again. It was such a fun time and hopefully I’ll have my own shirt to wear the next time we go!

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-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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