DIY Brandy Melville/ Victoria’s Secret College Cropped T-Shirt

I’ve seen the trend of cropped college shirts everywhere! I personally had seen them through different social media influencers but once I googled cropped college t-shirts I saw that they were being sold through Victoria’s Secret and Brandy Melville! I decided I didn’t want to spend the $30-$40 on a college t-Shirt so I wanted to share my DIY for this!


– Measuring Tape

– Scissors

– Chalk

– College T-Shirt

Step 1: Put the t-shirt on and measure where you would like the shirt to end. Mark it with chalk.

Step 2: Make a light straight line with the chalk or mark the chalk on each side and cut along the line.

Step 3: Try the shirt on to make sure it’s a good length and that it’s straight and trim accordingly.

Step 4: Pull and stretch the bottom of the shirt so the cut isn’t as harsh.

Final product: Viola you have a cropped college t-shirt!

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-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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