Amazing Dollar Tree Finds

Hey everyone! I recently went to the Dollar Tree to shop around and I found a ton of amazing products there that are worth the buy. I was super happy with this trip and I wanted to honestly buy everything. Sometimes the Dollar Tree is a hit or miss and this time it was definitely a hit. I went around the store and took pictures of some items I thought were a good purchase!

I thought these candle holders were a very fun and cute purchase! They could spruce up any decor and it wouldn’t seem like these were from the dollar store. I love the gold one!

Next are these super cute fashionable candles! These would be cute being put on display in your bedroom or it would be very nice to give these as a gift! They also smell very good!

I usually don’t spend too long in the picture frame area but I saw these two boxy frames that I thought would be such a cute gift idea! They don’t look or feel cheap and they would definitely look cute on display!

Another gift idea I thought was cute were these fragrance sachets! I’ve seen fragrance sachets in stores like Francesca’s, Bed Bath And Beyond, and Target. They smell very nice and definitely don’t look cheap.

I thought this hanging love story sign is cute as an anniversary gift or a Valentine’s Day Gift for your significant other. I also really liked the decorative drawers beneath the sign. They would be perfect to store lipsticks, hair ties and jewelry!

These fake cotton plants are very chic and rustic. I’ve seen these being sold at stores like Home Goods, Pottery Barn and Hobby Lobby. They are usually very expensive but this is only $1 and it looks just as good as the ones from higher end stores! I feel a DIY coming on!

I love when the Dollar Tree sells acrylic holders. I have a few of these myself to hold eyeliners and other products! They are very good quality and can be given as gifts too!

Of course I found some good makeup from the Dollar Tree. Sometimes they have name brand items and sometimes they only have normal Dollar Tree makeup. But when I went recently I found some great stuff! First off I found a Liquid Lipstick from Melani. I then found some Wet N’ Wild Brushes, they had a ton of different kinds of brushes I would think it could be an affordable gift. They also had Wet N’ Wild single eyeshadow shades as well as lipsticks (which are surprisingly good quality)! They had Elf Lip Lacquer, I’ve seen Elf at my Dollar Tree many times and although Elf is already affordable, most items that I find at the Dollar Tree are over $1 so you are still saving money. Lastly for makeup, there was Palmers Coconut Oil Lip Balm which is a great chapstick!

I also found some great nail polish at the Dollar Tree. I found some pretty shades of Sinful Colors, KISS and Wet N’ Wild which are pretty good polishes!

Something extremely cool that I found, especially if you are into DIY’s, are these Comfort Colors t-shirts! They had normal shirts and shirts with pockets in all different colors and sizes! It’s definitely a good purchase since you’d otherwise spend almost $4 on a shirt somewhere else!

I also found that the Dollar Tree sells no show socks and other good quality socks. No show socks can get very expensive and these are only $1! It’s definitely a good purchase especially since socks come and go so often.

I found this loofah set which I thought would be perfect as a gift for someone or to have in your bathroom. It’s worth it to get a pack of loofahs because if you aren’t cleaning your loofah once a week then you should be changing it to a new one once a week.

I found some very cute hair clips that I am totally in love with! I don’t have a ton of hair clips but I felt that I should get some and these were great quality and super chic!

My bobby pins are always getting lost and I run through them like crazy! I found some Goody bobby pins for $1 which is a good deal, the dollar store also sells a 100-pack Of their own brand of bobby pin.

I also found the hair donut for $1 which is good if you wanted to do a sock bun! It could also be a great gift for someone. They even have it in all hair shades from blonde to brown to black!

I found 2 scunci hair products there which is a steal! I found a pack of scrunchies which are coming back in style, and I also found a pack of regular elastics that come with a spiral twister hair tie! This is great for a stocking stuffer type of gift or just to have for yourself!

Of course I found the rubber band elastics which are great hair elastics and they are super cheap for 500 of them! I use these for braids, and half up half down hairstyles. They are really good if you have thin hair!

This Dollar Tree Trip had my DIY senses tingling. I found these really adorable plain to-go coffee mugs and you could definitely decorate these with a decal, sharpie paint markers and the list goes on! Such a cute buy!

I also found insulated tumbler to-go cups which were super cute! They usually have these in all different colors but I could only find bright green ones. These could also be DIY’ed and personalized!

Cups and cups galore! I found really chic glass mugs and these cute gray glass mugs which can be DIY’ed but can also be used for your home cupboard. They don’t look cheap, these are good quality!

I found super cute silver serving trays which can be used for decor, to serve food, or to put products on! I’ve used them before and they are very nice for the price.

I had also found these super cute coasters that have little graphic sayings on them! They are good quality coasters which usually would cost a fortune but these are only $1!

Moving more towards kitchen accessories, there is a paper towel holder. These holders can be extremely expensive but this one is only $1! This would be great for someone moving into their own house, apartment or college dorm!

I found these super cute rose gold mermaid tail nail clippers! These would be cute as a stocking stuffer type of gift or even for yourself! I’m obsessed especially because it looks like it would be from Forever 21, Charolette Russe or Icing!

I also found some cute tassel key chains which would be super cute as gifts and to put on your keys or backpack! They are good quality and I almost purchased them!

Lastly I found these super cute stationary stickers which would look super cute to decorate a binder, notebook, or even a cork board with! I thought they were super chic!

I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content! Comment down below what you think is the best deal out of everything I shared with you all!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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