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Time Away Date Idea

Hey everyone! So I am back with a date idea and this is a tradition that Ryan and I always do when we spend time away from each other. Sometimes, I take a longer vacation than him because he has to go back to work and sometimes I can’t take vacation when he goes on a family trip. We are with each other every single day so being away from each other is hard. We solve this problem with a date idea!

What you do:

When your significant other is going away on vacation, a business trip or needs to leave for a little while, you do this time away date idea. Every single day you are away from each other you have to get them a gift. You can either buy all the gifts at the end of the trip, when they get back or get one on each day that passes. You also don’t have to spend money on the gifts either. Let’s say you go to the beach and find a shell or a pretty stone, that can also be a gift.


Since I was in Florida recently, Ryan left three days earlier than I did. He had to go back to work so he left and I stayed back with my family. For each of the three days I got him three gifts while I was in Florida.

Gift 1: Was a really pretty shell that reminded me of him.

Gift 2: Was two patches for lighthouses near where we stayed, I got this because Ryan collects lighthouse patches.

Gift 3: Was a bright green golf ball I got from when I went golfing in Florida because it’s his favorite color.

He also got me three items when I was away in Florida.

Gift 1: A puppy calendar and stuffed animal puppy.

Gift 2: A date to get my favorite french onion soup, beer cheese fries and buffalo chicken the day he picked me up from the airport.

Gift 3: A shot glass pong game since Ill be turning 21 soon!

I loved everything I got and he equally loved everything he got! It’s a very simple date idea because once you get home you take time to sit down and talk about your time away, maybe with some food involved and you exchange presents! I always loved this because it shows there was a little something that your significant other found each day or picked out items that reminded them of you!

Please feel free to try this unique date idea and tag me on Instagram or Twitter using #TimeAwayShabbyChicDateIdea and @-ing me! I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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