Homeward Bound Travels

Hey everyone! I am finally on my way home from vacation and it’s bittersweet feeling but I am still glad to go back home. Sometimes I feel, with taking a long vacation you need a vacation from your vacation. I just took some photos while on the plane and in the airport to show my travel trip back home! Please enjoy this post that explains my travels!

Airport 8:45AM- We has a flight at 9:45 and we were running seriously late. We woke up late, still had to clean our room and get ready. We left by 7:00AM but we still had to put gas in the rental car. At this point we leave the gas station by 7:15AM and the airport is still 30-40 minutes away. Once we finally got to the airport we had to return the rental car, which was very far from the airport itself so after we returned it we had to take a shuttle over to the airport which took another 10 minutes. At this point it’s 8:00AM and we still hadn’t gone through security. We waited on a long line and it took us 40 minutes to get through TSA. Thankfully we got to our flight gate only 10 minutes before boarding.

In The Air 10:00AM- We took off at 9:45AM, I kept my eyes closed when we took off because I was trying to go to sleep (since I was currently running on two hours). For some reason I cannot go to sleep on a plane, so I wrote blog posts instead. I was sitting in first class but I wasn’t next to he window. I can’t complain though, it was more roomy than the seats in the back which I sat in on the way to vacation. I made sure to take my picture of the plane window like I do every flight I take!

Landing 11:55AM- We are landing early and I couldn’t be more excited to see Ryan who is waiting for me at the pickup area. As I got off the plane I rushed to the pickup area and saw Ryan. He helped me with my bags and I got to give him a quick hug before being told by the traffic guard we had to move. We jumped in the car and went out to eat at a place we’ve gone on many dates to.

I am super happy to be home and I couldn’t wait to see my puppies and Ryan (who left a little earlier than me)! I hope you enjoyed this homeward bound travel post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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