Hand-Me-Downs Try On 2

Hey everyone! It’s time for another hand-me-downs Try On post. Like I’ve said in my first hand-me-down try on post, I am in no way trying to be insensitive to those who rely on hand-me-downs to get clothing. I completely understand that this is a reality that many people face because they cannot afford to purchase their own clothes. I have been there myself as well as know people that have been there as well, and I can empathize with those who go through this. In light of this terrible reality, I always make sure to donate any clothes/shoes I don’t use, or fit into anymore. I wanted to write a post on hand-me-down clothes to show the items I got, purely out of excitement for the great items I received.

I am the youngest girl in my family, and I was the youngest of three sisters so most of my life I wore mainly hand-me-down clothes. I still receive them from friends, family, neighbors, my boyfriends family, or even friends of friends. This is mostly because I am the first person they think of when handing down their clothes or they are handed down from person to person and it eventually trickles down to me. I love getting hand-me-downs and I make sure to donate whatever I don’t use/take. I got these hand-me-downs from my best friend’s sister’s best friend. Confusing right? But either way I am very thankful for every item I got!

The first item is a pair of medium wash denim jeans from Hollister. I loved these because they fit me well and I needed a pair of medium wash jeans that don’t have rips in them.

The second item I got was a pair of dark wash jeans also from Hollister. You can never have enough dark wash jeans (especially if you hate doing laundry as much as I do)!

The third item I got was a pair of medium wash ripped jeans from JJ Yak. I’ve never had jeans from this company before but they are my favorite pair thus far. I am also surprised that these still have tags on them and haven’t been worn because they are super cute!

The fourth item I received was a pair of dark wash American Eagle denim shorts. I needed a new pair of denim shorts so it worked out that I got a new pair from hand-me-downs! They fit great and save me from having to spend money on a new pair.

The fifth item I got was a pair of black jeans from H&M. I have a pair like these already but mine are super washed out so it worked out perfectly that these were like new.

The sixth item is a pair of light wash jeans from Hollister that have small rips on them. They fit perfectly and I used to have these same jeans but since my hips have gotten wider with age, I no longer fit in them. So it’s almost like the jeans replenished themselves.

The seventh item I got was a super cute long sleeve shirt that had huge cut outs. It’s a navy blue with a polka dot design. I definitely loved this shirt just to wear to run errands or for a causal look.

The eighth and final item is a super cute long sleeve mauve pink shirt. I am obsessed with this shirt, this is definitely a favorite item I received and I will probably be wearing this a ton!

I am very happy and thankful for everything I got. I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content and comment down below what your thoughts are on these hand-me-down items!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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