July BootayBag

Hey everyone! Finally, my BootayBag came in. BootayBag is an underwear subscription service that allows me to never have to shop for overpriced underwear again. You can get BootayBag starting at $7 a month which is only one pair of underwear per month. They also have a subscription for $14 per month which is two pairs of underwear per month. You also have the option between thong, never thong and mix it up. Thong meaning you will only get things sent to you. Never thong meaning you will only get hip huggers, booty short underwear and anything else but a string up the butt! Mix it up means you want both or either-or it doesn’t matter, this is for those who want to be completely surprised with what you get!

This month, BootayBag sent me a complimentary pair of underwear! I only pay $7 for one pair of underwear per month and they sent me two this month. This was a very pleasant surprise and I’m super excited about it. I got a super cute pink lacy pair with a floral design. I also got a no-show pair that are white and teal striped with little polka dots on the teal stripe. I am completely obsessed with each pair I got!

I was in need for new underwear and BootayBag gave me an easy solution, just get a new pair every month for cheaper than what you’d normally pay at Pink, Victoria’s Secret and sometimes even Target. I am quickly transitioning all of my older underwear out and soon I will have a drawer completely full of just BootayBag. If you are interested in this monthly subscription feel free to use my referral link to get a free $10: http://i.refs.cc/Mhc33EWE?u=1528341747108 !

I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content. Comment down below what your thoughts are on BootayBag and the underwear I received this month!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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