Kocostar PR Package Unboxing And Product Review

Kocostar is the best at home beauty treatment brand I’ve come to find. I am super happy I found this brand because they offer at home treatment options from haircare to nails to skincare to face products. When I use this brand it’s almost like I have a spa inside my home.

Previously, I’ve written a post on this brand and explained how innovative the brand was because of their face masks. If you want to checkout the post on Kocostar’s Face Masks here’s the link: Kocostar Slice Sheet Mask Review ! I was lucky enough to get a PR package of their summertime products to test out. I was overjoyed when I got the package in the mail and immediately opened it up and tested a product.

The first product I tested was the Hand Moisture Pack. This is a mask to rejuvenate and moisturize your hands. I’ve never used a hand mask before but I have heard of them! I was super excited to test out my first hand mask, I have to say it is a strange experience (almost as strange as my first sheet mask experience) but it’s definitely something I could get used to. I was always told as a child to put Vaseline on my hands and put cotton gloves on to keep them smooth. I say ditch the Vaseline gloves because these hand masks work wonders. This does an even better job at moisturizing my hands than the Vaseline trick, and they feel more hydrated now more than they ever have. I feel that lotion only went over the surface of the skin but this definitely penetrated the skin. I feel that this mask actually helped with the smoothness and softness of my hands, rather than masking the problem by giving a quick solution like some hand lotions.

The next product I tested out was the Long Hair Pack. This is a hair wrap that deep conditions the hair. The Long Hair Pack is designed for long hair to hydrate and rejuvenate dry and damaged hair. I don’t have long hair but I decided to test it out anyway because it should work on short hair too! I have extremely dry hair, it’s mostly because my hair is naturally curly which means I’m predisposed to having dry hair. I also treat my hair with bleach to make it a lighter blonde than my natural blonde hair, which just adds to the dryness. So, I need to take care of my hair to ensure that it looks good and stays healthy. I felt that the hair wrap might not work as well for me since it is designed for long hair but I personally felt it worked extremely well for me! After using this hair wrap, my hair felt silky smooth and hydrated– almost as if I just got a fresh haircut and blowout. I styled my hair and there was no frizz, even though it was very humid out.

The last product I tested was the Foot Moisture Pack. This is a foot mask, another kind of mask I have never tried before. This mask is meant to moisturize your skin on your feet. Like the Vaseline gloves I was also always told to wear socks with Vaseline to make my feet soft and it does work over a long period of time. After trying this foot mask out I was very impressed with the results just after one use (which was only 20 minutes). I definitely saw that the skin on my feet was moisturized. Although the Vaseline and sock trick does work, I would much rather do the 20 minute foot mask because the results are faster and it takes less time to do them.

I loved everything I got and recommend testing these products out yourself. This company is amazing and I found a lot of their products in Target and you can get what you saw in this post on their website:! I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content. Comment down below what products from Kocostar you want to try!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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