10 Vacation Date Ideas

Hey everyone! As you may know I am on vacation with Ryan and I couldn’t be happier. This place is like our own little paradise. But when you are on vacation with your significant other, you might still want to go on dates while you are there. So what are some easy vacation date ideas?

1. Poolside In Paradise

When you are on the go during vacation sometimes you never even step foot in the resort’s pool. A date idea is to enjoy the pool at your resort for a day. It will give you and your significant other a chance to relax and enjoy your time on vacation.

2. Beach Bum Day

Beaches are a natural beauty on this planet, so on your vacation go to the beach to take pictures, soak up the rays and get a nice tan. This is a great way to relax and maybe have some fun in the water!

3. Nightlife Date

Many places you vacation have bars, clubs, and concerts. Go out to enjoy the nightlife with each other. This is a great experience and you can meet other couples to hangout with this way while on vacation.

4. Day Drinks/ Hotel Hopping

Grab some snack foods and day drinks to hangout for the day. You can even do this at a different resort to enjoy the different amenities they may have.

5. Fancy Dinner Date

If you want to have a romantic night you can go to a fancy five star restaurant for dinner. Make sure you call ahead of time to make sure how much it is per couple and to make a reservation! This will be a nice time for the both of you!

6. Walk During Sunset/ Watch Sunset

A romantic time of night is definitely sunset. You can have a free date night at the beach or at your resort walking during sunset or watching sunset together.

7. Hot Tub Date With Champagne

One of my favorite date ideas for vacation is a hot tub date with champagne. Hot tub dates are always relaxing. Plus, champagne makes any date 100% more romantic. We’ve met a lot of friends on our resort during our hot tub dates.

8. Ice Cream Date

Ice cream dates are very fun, but on vacation the ice cream always tastes better. It a small date idea but something that you can both enjoy doing together. You can even go to an ice cream place near a local pier or shopping center and go shopping after!

9. Watch The Sun Rise

A very relaxing time of day during vacation is right before sunrise. Not many people wake up extremely early while on vacation, so usually no one will be around and you can enjoy the beauty of sunrise together, alone!

10. Make Food Together

If there is a fresh snack or food you both love to enjoy, go to the local farmers market and pick up ingredients and make food together. You get to test out the fresh foods where you are staying, and you can enjoy making something together as well as eating it! Guacamole is something we love to make on vacation.

I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content! Comment down below a vacation date you like to go on!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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