My Day On The Plane

Since I recently was on a plane, I wanted to share the pictures I took and experience I had with my plane ride. This is definitely a plane and travel aesthetic post, so I hope you enjoy the photos I took and feel a little wanderlust while looking at these pictures!

The plane ride was absolutely gorgeous. I love sitting in the window seat because I have an obsession with taking plane pictures. There’s something about flying in the air above the clouds. The sights out of that plane window were so amazing. I also loved that I got to watch sunrise from the plane (top left and bottom right photos).

What was even more amazing about this plane ride was that I was able to sit next to Ryan. I usually don’t sit with Ryan on the plane because we just buy random tickets since it’s cheaper that way. Sometimes I want to sit first class with my family and Ryan wants to get the cheaper ticket so he randomizes his ticket. We only sat together once on the plane before other than this time. But I had a ton of fun sitting with him on the plane and we watched a Billy Joel concert on his phone together!

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-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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