Airport Outfit For Summer Travels

I’m on day three of my vacation and it’s going by way too fast. As I’ve said in previous posts as well as shown in previous posts, I flew here (to paradise) by plane. Since I was going through an airport I wanted to share an airport fashion post! Sometimes, especially if you aren’t a frequent flyer, it’s hard to figure out what you should wear on the plane and to the airport.

I wore a pair of ripped Levi jeans and cuffed the bottom of them. I put on a mauve pink t-shirt and big gray knit sweater from Target and a pair of mauve pink fashion sneakers from JustFab. I threw on my Prada eyeglasses and my sunhat (mostly so it didn’t get squashed in my carry-on bag).

I picked this outfit because airports and airplanes can get seriously cold. Regardless of the weather outside, I’ve noticed that it’s always cold in an airport and in an airplane. I also picked this outfit because I was able to conserve more space by wearing the bulkier clothing items I wanted to bring. I wanted to bring a big sweater, a pair of jeans and sneakers with me but it would take a lot of room up in my carry-on, so I wore it instead. I usually wear fashion sneakers to the airport also because they are easy to slide on and off. This is convenient when you are being rushed while going through TSA checks. This outfit was perfect for the airport.

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-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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