How to Style

How To Style A Sunhat

Hey fashionistas! Since I will be leaving for vacation today I wanted to do a post on how to style a sunhat. Ultimately, this is my advice on how to do this but if you like to do it differently then you totally can do it whatever way works for you! This post isn’t to tell you how you are doing it wrong but to show you different ways you can style a sunhat!

1. Wear with summery and tropical outfit

A sunhat always goes great with a summery outfit! They are a match made in heaven and should never be separated.

  • 2. Wear with hair down
  • Wearing a sunhat with your hair up doesn’t look bad but it definitely can be uncomfortable! So go for comfort and wear your hair down with your sunhat!
  • 3. Still use Chanel’s golden rule— take one accessory off before leaving the house.
  • Since a hat is technically an accessory, you don’t want to end up over accessorizing. Just think less is more! So if you want to wear jewelry and carry a purse, it might be best to leave the hat at home!
  • These are my sunhat style tips! I hope you enjoyed reading this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content! Comment down below Ways you like to style a sunhat.
  • -Stay Chic,
  • Stephanie Russell
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