Weird Beauty Find: Dollar Tree Bath Bombs?!

As I was browsing the Dollar Tree recently I was completely surprised at the fact that there were bath bombs at the store! I was half sketched out and half curious as to how good these bath bombs are. So I decided to take the leap and I purchased them to find out if these are legit or if I’ll end up growing a third arm.

Dollar Tree items aren’t always sketchy, I am probably keeping my local Dollar Tree in business with all of the shopping I do there. Regardless, there are still some things that I, personally, get skeptical about trying from any dollar store. Bath bombs being one of them. I’m not sure why dollar store bath bombs sketch me out, but I think it’s because I have a fear of getting a rash or bad skin reaction. Where sometimes, products that are sold in the dollar store have chemicals inside that could easily have a bad reaction with skin or dangerous if eaten etc. For example, some toys at the dollar store are imported from other countries and contain lead which isn’t deemed safe. So considering this had no brand name on it, it didn’t make me feel any more comfortable.

Despite all of my fears of what could happen I just went for it. The bath bomb I tested was the green and yellow butterfly. Once I opened it, I got an amazing whiff of lime or just a citrus scent in general. At least I know that the bath will smell nice!

I threw this bath bomb in the water and it immediately started fizzing, which is a great sign! After a while of fizzing the bath water smelled like citrus, this made me happy because the water didn’t dilute the scent.

It was fizzing like any normal bath bomb you’d get from Target or a drugstore. It took about six minutes for the whole bath bomb to wither away (including the little pieces that broke off)!

The results were great, the water is a bright lime green and the water smelled amazing. Afterwards, I added some bubbles and took a bath. During my bath everything seemed normal and when I got out I didn’t get a rash like I initially thought. My skin didn’t feel like it was moisturized or scented from the bath bomb, so I think the bath bomb was mainly for the water and nothing else.

Overall, this bath bomb worked pretty well for $1! I like that these did the same job as the $8 ones. If you are looking for cheap bath bombs for yourself or as a gift, these could be a more affordable alternative. I’m really happy with my purchase and I recommend trying these bath bombs out.

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-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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