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Urban Decay Born To Run Palette Review And Eye Look

Hey beauties! I’m excited to finally review Urban Decay’s newest eyeshadow palette Born To Run. This was featured in my post Shopping Haul because I went to Sephora on my Trip To the mall and purchased this palette. I was ecstatic to review this palette!

Of course, we will discuss the packaging of the palette first. This palette’s unicarton is super cute, it has the Urban Decay symbol with pieces of the front of the palette in the letters. It almost looks like the UD is cut out and you are looking at the front of the palette already. Such a cool concept! For the packaging of the actual palette itself, I love that Urban Decay complied a ton of travel photos and made it into a sort of travel mood board. The palette’s packaging is also super sturdy because it’s made of plastic (not heavy duty cardboard or thin tin like a lot of other palettes).

The palette itself is huge. It’s a lot bigger width wise and length wise than I expected. There are 21 shadows in this palette, which is a decent amount of shadows for an eyeshadow palette. The mirror is very large and the palette is luxuriously heavy, these are two things I make sure to note when buying a palette because the price point becomes important if they skip out on the packaging. The color scheme of this palette is very different and definitely gives me the travel feels.

The size of the pan for these eyeshadows are pretty big, they are about the size of my thumb. The only problem I have with the palette is that there are a few shades I personally know I won’t typically use.

The eyeshadows have a lot of color pay off. They are not only pigmented but there isn’t a lot of fallout either. These eyeshadows blend together seamlessly and there are endless amounts of eye looks you could do with this palette. I love that the palette can be used a lot and also something you can display on your vanity. The shimmer shades are also very creamy.

I did an eye look using this palette i started off with the tan shade Breakaway to soften the eyeshadow primer, I then used the peach shade Still Shot as my transition shade. I then blended Riff into my crease and then blended the shade Good As Gone into my crease and blended it out. After, I took concealer and applied it to the sides of the shadow to make it a more defined shadow line (cut crease look). To top the look of I threw on a winged liner and fake lashes.

I really loved this palette! I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content! Comment below your favorite shade from this palette!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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