Dollar Tree Shopping Haul

Hey everyone! I have a fun shopping haul post I wanted to throw up today, it’s definitely a short post but I wanted to share what I got at the Dollar Tree. I absolutely love shopping at the Dollar Tree, I go there a lot because I love finding the cute items as well as the huge bargains that are in Dollar Stores!

I didn’t get much but I recently ran out of the clear hair tie rubber bands and decided to go to the Dollar Tree and see if they had them. I used to get these hair ties from Claire’s or the drugstore but as I was going through the hair isle at the Dollar Tree, I realized the same ones were there! I ended up getting a 500 pack of clear hair ties that were Dollar Store brand and a 100 pack of brown scuncii hair ties! I usually pay about $3 for the ones at Claire’s or the drugstore so I definitely saved myself some money with this purchase.

I love these hair ties because they are discreet. I have short fine hair so using a thick hair tie means I’m wrapping it around my hair a ton of times and it’s very visible. These can hide the hair tie, help with different hair looks and save me from wrapping the hair tie a bunch of times and it still coming loose. I’m super happy with this purchase!

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-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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