Francesca’s Purchase Haul

Hey fashionistas! I am back with another fun haul post! This time it’s for the store Francesca’s! I recently went here and purchased some stuff during their Semi-Annual Sale. I got some really cute stuff for cheap!

I got a really cute pair of pearl and diamond embellished mules called Kandi Pearl & Stud Velvet Mule Shoes. I’ve had my eye on shoes like these for a while but just never got around to buying them until now! I was super happy with this purchase.

I got sparkly coasters for my room, which was great because I really needed them! Ryan lives with me and always puts drinks on my furniture. This obviously causes cup rings (the cure to cup rings is to clean it with mayonnaise by the way) and now that I have coasters this will relieve me of cup ring problems. I also got a super cute pack of a wine stopper and wine glass charms. My girlfriends and I have been getting together a lot recently, which of course means wine night. So, I really wanted to grab a wine stopper since I was using the cork to preserve the wine (this, I later found out, is a bad idea). When I saw this pack that had a wine stopper and wine charms, I was sold!

Lastly, I got a super cute white off the shoulder dress named the Hillary Off-The-Shoulder Shift Dress that was embroidered with an Aztec-looking design in the front. It’s lightweight, white and flowy which will be great for my upcoming vacation!

I am obsessed with everything I got! I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to comment down below your favorite item from this haul.

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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