Target Purchase Haul

Hey beauties! I recently dropped by Target and found some super cute stuff that I didn’t need but it ended up in my cart anyway (but isn’t that how every Target trip goes?). So I checked out feeling pretty confident I got some cute items and I thought I would do a haul on the goodies I got during my successful Target run.

I got two button up linen fabric shirts in the colors white and coral.

Complete side note: Now that I think of it, I’m starting to feel like my mother when I make purchases like these. Did anyone else’s parents buy multiples of the same shirt but in different colors? Mine did, it was the bane of my existence at the time and here I am catching myself doing the same thing. Scary.

I really liked these shirts because they are lightweight and very comfortable. I thought they’d be great for when I go on vacation. I also got a pair of yellow mules. These shoes are such a nice bright yellow and will bring a pop of color to a rather plain outfit. Also, can we just obsess over the ruffles on the shoes for a moment?! So cute!

The white shirt is a little more see through and I will probably need to wear a bandeau, bralette or tank top underneath. But this shirt will look great for many occasions whether it’s to relax on the beach or even to run errands in. It’s definitely a shirt that can be both dressed up and dressed down.

I feel with the coral shirt it’s not as versatile but it definitely has that tropical beachy vibe to it. I can’t wait to wear this shirt on vacation because it screams wear me underneath palm trees. I really liked that this shirt is vibrant and makes my skin glow but it also goes well with a pair of light wash jeans.

Lastly, THESE SHOES! I am obsessing over these adorable mules. They are such a nice pop of color. They add amazing contrast to the outfit. Something that I was super happy about when making this purchase is realizing that yellow can be worn with outfits in the summer, spring and fall. So, even when summer ends I can still pair these mules with other outfits in the fall, and then bring them out again in the springtime.

I was super happy with this Target run, besides the part where I realized I was turning into a mini version of my parents (it’s actually kind of funny). I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content and comment down below what your favorite item is from this haul!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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