Tarte Rainforest Of The Sea Palettes II & III Review

Hey beauties! I haven’t reviewed the Rainforest Of The Sea palettes yet so I really wanted to do Vol. II and III together! I am waiting on the first and fourth Rainforest Of The Sea palettes to get to me so I will do another dual palette review post when they both arrive!

Of course we are going to talk about the packaging first for each of these palettes. I’ve always loved the packaging of the Rainforest Of The Sea Collection. Everything is always super cute, I think that the graphics on the palettes are the cutest part of the packaging. I also really like that everything else is trimmed in gold with each Rainforest Of The Sea Palette. That gold trimming is what gives the collection uniform. I also really like how sturdy these palettes are as well, the packaging is definitely good quality.

The palette is about the size of my hand and I really like that the mirror is a decent size. Nothing is worse than a palette without a mirror or such a small mirror it’s impossible to use. The color schemes for each palette is simple and neutral but cute. Either palette is definitely not worth the purchase for someone who doesn’t use shimmer shades though. I’d say about 3/4 of each Rainforest Of The Sea palette is complied of shimmer shades.

For the Rainforest Of The Sea Palette Vol II each shade was rich in pigment and they were such creamy eyeshadows (particularly the shimmer shades). The shades I liked most in the palette were Pearl, Conch, Sunset and Breezy. One shade that needed a little bit more build up was Seaside. They blended out well and also blended well together.

For the Rainforest Of The Sea Palette Vol III there were definitely more shimmer shades. The shadows had the same creamy consistency to them like the other palette. They were all pigmented but Tiki was too pale and sheer of a color to even show on my skin which was frustrating since it was the only matte shade in the palette. But regardless of that each shade blended out well and blended well together. I really liked the shades Treasure, Heat Wave, Rays and Jewel.

I overall like the Rainforest Of The Sea Eyeshadow palettes but keep in mind they are very simple in their color scheme and they are mostly shimmer shades. I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content and comment below what you think about these palettes!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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