Hand-Me-Downs: Haul And Try-On

Hey beauties! I am excited to share this really fun post with you all! Before we jump into this post I want to explain that I am in no way trying to be insensitive to those who need hand-me-downs because they cannot afford or access clothes. I understand completely that this is a life that people are forced to live sometimes and it’s something that is serious. I have been there, I have friends and family that have also been there so I completely understand and sympathize with those that are going through that.

With that being said, yes, I still get hand-me-downs. It’s not that I need them necessarily, but my family members/ friends always remember me when they give clothes away. So I gladly take the clothes. I take what I like and donate the rest or keep handing the clothes down. This is something that I’ve been used to doing since I was a little girl. Being the last child of three girls and the youngest girl family member, up until recently, I wore my older sisters (and even cousins) clothes for my whole life and I’m sure there’s still stuff I have of theirs today. I did get new clothes for school almost every year too but the hand-me-down clothes definitely came in handy.

So yes, I still get hand-me-downs from my girl cousins, my sisters, my mom, my aunts, my friends, my family friends, neighbors, sometimes my sorority sisters, and sometimes even my boyfriends family. I don’t get hand-me-downs often but I do get them once or twice a year at most. I recently got some hand-me-downs from my boyfriends cousin and his neighbor. I started trying them on and decided to do a post on it because I got some really cute stuff!

To start I got this white button down sheer top from Old Navy. I actually really like this top for something to wear to the beach or relax in!

The next item (which made me very happy) is this ruffled hot pink top from H&M. I am obsessed with this and I’m super happy ruffles came back in style because my inner Elle Woods could not be contained with this top.

Something I will either be donating or handing-down is this top I got from Old Navy. It’s not very flattering on me but it’s super comfortable!

I got a cute shirt from Express that will be either donated or handed down because it doesn’t look good on me. But it’s definitely something nice to wear to work during the summer.

A shirt that I really liked was this bright pink one from a local boutique. It was super comfy and I could see myself wearing this to run errands or on a hot night hanging out on the porch or by the bay.

Something I was really ecstatic about was this striped turtleneck from J Crew. It looked pretty cute on me and I was already thinking of the outfits I could wear this with in the fall.

This is the second item I would totally wear at the beach or to relax is this cream Billabong shirt! It’s super lightweight and comfortable- a combination made for a beach outfit.

A shirt from a local boutique that I AM IN LOVE WITH is this tan draped tank top. It is absolutely stunning. I want to live in this shirt.

What was really cool was that Ryan’s neighbor had a bunch of cute accessories too! One thing I got was this super cute silk scarf that has a fun design on it!

I also got this silk scarf as well- what was a really crazy coincidence is that each accessory being given away was the color red!

I got this super cute bright colored dress that’s from a local boutique! This would be perfect for those dinners after a long day in the sun!

I got this leopard print maxi dress from H&M. I am not a huge animal print fan but there are a few exceptions and this dress is one of them!

An item I totally flipped out over was this dress. I got a super cute white DKNY beach coverup dress. I cannot wait to wear this on vacation.

The last accessory (also red) was this very cute beret that I was completely in love with once I laid eyes on it. This hat will definitely come in handy when I need a nice pop of color added to an outfit!

Lastly, I got a cute hot pink wrap dress from GAP that actually still had tags on it which was super cool and something I’m not used to when it comes to getting hand-me-down clothes.

This was such a fun post to write and I’m very excited and thankful for these clothes! I hope you enjoyed reading this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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