Shopping Haul

I recently went shopping with a good friend of mine at the mall and I wanted to share what I got. There was too much to write in separate posts so I figured I would just write one big post about what I got!

First at ALDOs shoes, I got a really cute pair of jean fabric mules and a super cute yellow bohemian purse. I absolutely am obsessed with these items and was really happy with this purchase.

At the MAC Store I had to re-purchase my eyebrow gel because I ran out of mine and then handed it in for my free lipstick which I wrote a post about: My Free MAC Lipstick And How I Got It

At Forever 21 I got a really cute, affordable t-Shirt dress in black and white. I never had a t-Shirt dress before so I decided it was finally time to get one!

When we went to PacSun I got a chambray tank top and a blush pink tube top with tie straps.

At Francesca’s I got a really cute beachy dress that’s blue and white stripes and embroidered blue flowers.

When we went to Charolette Russe I got a pretty red silk off the shoulder long sleeve shirt for only $7 on clearance!

And of course we went to Sephora and I picked up Urban Decays new eyeshadow palette Born To Run.

I had so much fun shopping and truly loved sharing this haul with you all! I hope you enjoyed reading this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content. Also, comment down below what your favorite item from this haul is!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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