Closet Revamp

Hey fashionistas! I am super excited to share this amazing news with you all. Ryan and I revamped my whole closet and built my dream wardrobe. I am absolutely obsessed with it and it’s more than I ever wished for. It’s like a beautiful dream come true.

My Closet Before

Please don’t mind the extremely messy room in this picture, this was when I was spring cleaning and trying to figure out how to maximize the storage in my room. I always had a problem with storage which is why I wanted a wardrobe. Previous to this closet revamp I had a shelf at the top of my closet, one rod of clothes straight across, a jewelry holder screwed into the wall, an end table inside my closet and a shoe rack overflowing with shoes. It was really hard to find space and keep everything organized when my closet is constantly growing.

Before The Revamp

This is what the closet looked like after we ripped everything out to build the wardrobe.

After We Built The Wardrobe

It took us approximately four-five hours to build this wardrobe. It came with two clothing racks, a top shelf, three drawers and four shoe racks.

Finished Product

This is what the closet looks like with everything inside. I finally have a place to display all of my shoes, I have a drawer for makeup and skincare (which means I was able to free up the two drawers in my dresser where it previously was). It took me a really long time to figure out where I was putting my makeup since everything was displaced but I figured it all out and my whole room set up is completely different now. I am going to be doing a room tour soon to show the completed room!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it and comment down below what you think about the wardrobe!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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