JustFab Purchase

Hey babes! I wanted to share a purchase I made from JustFab recently. This was more of an accidental purchase I made, and I’m sure you’re wondering how one accidentally purchases shoes. Well… I put a pair of shoes on my wishlist and didn’t realize that the default option when doing this is to purchase the item once they come back in stock. But nonetheless I now have super cute accidental JustFab shoes!

They are flatform espadrilles sandals. Flatforms are trending right now and so are espadrille style shoes so these definitely made it on my wishlist and then by fate made their way to my closet (lol)! I got them in the fuchsia pink color! Which so happened to match the flowers in my garden.

These shoes look very cute on and I love the island vibes I get from them. They totally make me feel like I should be on an island somewhere drinking pina coladas. The only issue I have with wearing flatforms is that it’s hard to get used to walking in them. But otherwise I’m really happy with these JustFab shoes and I’ll be making sure to be more cautious when putting items on my wishlist from now on!

If you want to join JustFab feel free to use my referral link to get a discount on your first pair of shoes: http://m.justfab.com/invite/136745583!

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-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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