Que Bella Moisturizing Gel Eye Mask Review

Hey beauties! I recently purchased this Que Bella eye mask because it’s an eye mask for moisturizing (which, since I have dry skin, this is perfect for me) but also I noticed that it comes with three eye masks in one package. I thought this was a steal considering it only cost me $2.99!

The Que Bella packaging is always super cute for their face masks and eye masks especially considering the price of them. I really like that a lot of their masks are either metallic and/or have bright colors. This makes it easier to distinguish what each face mask is for.

I was overly excited that one package of eye masks came with three pairs. I was worried that if I opened the package, I’d need to use the three pairs right away. This was not the case, the three pairs of eye masks came in three separate little packages so I still got an amazing deal for $2.99!

These eye masks are different from any other ones I’ve used before as well. They weren’t wet! The top of the eye mask had a cotton feel to it and the bottom of the eye mask (the part you place on your face) had gel. The eye mask was not wet but when you put it on your skin you immediately feel the mask working. It was a very interesting experience. After I took the masks off I noticed less puffiness under my eyes and also my skin felt hydrated. I recommend trying this out, I purchased mine at Target!

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-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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