Garnier Moisture Bomb Sheet Mask Review

Hey beauties! Garnier came out with sheet masks recently and I have been waiting to try them. I held off for a while because there were so many things I was already reviewing that there was no time to sit down and try multiple skincare products, new makeup and other blog posts I’ve planned. But thankfully I found some time to review these masks and tell you all how they are!

I tested out the Super Hydrating Mask (the blue one that smelled like pomegranates) and Ryan tried the Super Hydrating Mask Mattifying (the green one that smelled like aloe). These masks are different from ones I’ve tried previously. Instead of peeling the plastic of the sheet mask before you apply it to your face, you are instructed to apply the sheet mask and peel off the plastic backing after it is on your face.

Similarly to other sheet masks, you must smooth the mask out and leave it on for 15 minutes. After the 15 minutes, you are instructed to rub the remaining products into the skin. This wasn’t any different than a lot of other masks I’ve tried but Ryan and I had to help each other smooth the masks out since we didn’t have a mirror.

I waited my 15 minutes in my at home spa to truly relax while testing out this face mask. I even added some tropical scents to my spa for a relaxing aroma as well! Once I applied my mask I had a cooling sensation on my skin. I have done face masks in the bath before but never in a spa, it was a very nice and different experience.

After I rubbed the remaining product into my skin I definitely felt that my skin was hydrated. My skin type is dry and with dry skin sometimes the skin becomes dull, this mask definitely brightened my skin a tad as well. Ryan said that his skin felt “moisturized but not oily anymore,” which was great for him since he has oily skin. We both really enjoyed these masks and it was a worthwhile purchase!

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-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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