Disney Pin Collection

Hey everyone! I’m not sure if I discussed this previously but I am a Disney Pin collector. I love going to Disney and collecting the pins they sell. I don’t like to trade but I do like to buy them as souvenirs for myself each time I go (which is once a year). It’s a small thing I enjoy out of the many things Disney has to offer and I wanted to show you all my pin collection because I will be in Disney again soon!

For my Disney lanyard I have a black lanyard with white and blue Mikey’s on it and in white text it says “Disney World” because I go to the Disney in Florida. I really like this lanyard because it’s simple but super cute.

For my pins I have Tamatoa from Moana, Cinderella’s castle, Princess Leia saying I Love You (Ryan has Han Solo saying I know), I have the Mission Space Epcot pin, the Animal Kingdom pin, a Cinderella pin, Kakamora from Moana, a Magic Kingdom pin, a Hollywood Studios pin, a Maui pin from Moana, the Seven Dwarves Mine Train pin, a Coronado Springs Under Construction Pin (We got these pins because when we stayed at the Coronado Springs Hotel they were under construction and gave us pins for the inconvenience)!

I have two more Coronado Springs Under Construction pins (we had two separate rooms so we got two packs of these pins, I gave the other pack to Ryan), a Stormtroopers Pin, a Cheetah Mickey Pin, I’ll Be Your Minnie Pin (Ryan has the I’ll Be Your Mickey Pin), and a Moana Pin.

Lastly, I have a Heihei Pin from Moana and a pin of Moana holding an oar. I love my Disney Pins and will continue collecting them! It’s definitely a small side hobby that I love to engage in once a year.

I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content and comment down below if you’ve ever been to Disney and/or your favorite Disney character!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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