What’s In My Beach Bag

Hey beauties! I want to share what I’d pack in my beach bag in preparation for the beach day I’m having on the 25th with my cousin. I will be running straight from school to the beach so I want to make sure I have everything ready and packed before the day comes (I’m always overly prepared). So what did I pack in my beach bag?

Besides packing my beach blanket, beach towel, body sunscreen and my beach chair I made sure to pack some things that other may not think of bringing to the beach. I wanted to show things I would pack for the beach that aren’t the usual beach blanket and body sunscreen so maybe I can help those who might forget these important beach goer products! I brought a comfortable pair of fashionable sandals because I want to be prepared to change into nicer shoes if we decide to walk somewhere nice for lunch. I also packed facial sunscreen by Coola because using a facial sunscreen is better for your skin than using normal spray sunscreen because that skin is more sensitive. I packed a hair tie for obvious reasons, a deluxe size sample of Honest Beauty Moisturizer for when your skin feels dry from the salt in the air, and a deluxe size sample of OUAI Haircare Leave In Conditioner for after the beach. I also made sure to pack a sweater just in case it gets cold at the beach. This is some essentials I like to bring with me to the beach.

I hope you enjoyed reading this short post on what I packed for the beach and make sure to remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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