BlushOnMe Poshmark Boutique Purchase

On Poshmark there is a feature where you can have your own online boutique and there are tons of Poshmark boutiques that have very cute stuff! I recently purchased from the Poshmark boutique BlushOnMe and wanted to review the boutique as well as show off the product I got!

This boutique has very cute products and is pretty affordable! The boutique is organized and has a good array of sizes. There are cute items like shoes, bags, shorts, pants, shirts and more. It’s definitely worth checking out! Here’s the link to the boutique: BlushOnMe Poshmark Boutique

On to the shoes that I got! I purchased the strappy platform heels in a taupe suede with the wood looking bottom. They are super cute and definitely run true to size. These shoes were $55 plus shipping.

As for the wear of the shoes, they are definitely comfortable and this partly has to do with how light they are. These heels are almost as light as Nike Air sneakers because the wood isn’t real. I’m thankful for the wood being fake because if he wood were real I would have to keep up with polishing the wood, and making sure the wood doesn’t chip. Also, if you’ve ever worn wood bottom shoes you know how ridiculously heavy they are. I see this as a positive especially since the shoes are comfortable and look great because of this. The suede is faux suede but it’s still soft and isn’t digging into my skin either. These shoes are super cute and I can’t wait to make my next purchase from the boutique!

If you haven’t joined Poshmark and want to sign up feel free to use my referral code: STEPHRUSS0811 for a free $5 towards your first Poshmark purchase!

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-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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