FreePrints Photobooks Review

Hey everyone! I wanted to take this chance to tell you guys about an app called FreePrints by the company Photo Affections. I’ve been a customer with this company for about two years now and have nothing but amazing things to say. I used FreePrints photo app constantly especially for my hobby of scrapbooking. If you like to scrapbook, you know it’s hundreds of dollars to get your photos printed. But with the FreePrints photo app you get 85 free printed pictures a month and all you have to do is pay for shipping! It’s a great deal and I love this company so much, it’s made my hobby of scrapbooking so much cheaper and easier. So when I found out this company has a new app for free photobooks I had to check it out!

I got a free photobook from this company and only paid for shipping! I got the gold foiling on the front cover as an add-on because the photobook shipping was so cheap. I decided to make a photobook Of Ryan and I and I am obsessed with how it came out. It’s such a wonderful gift to give or something amazing to have on the coffee table.

Inside comes with 20 pages you can put pictures on. What I did was, I used an app on my phone that collages pictures together and I used one collage of pictures per page to increase the amount of photos in the book. The quality of the photos were amazing and the FreePrints Photobook app is super easy to navigate as well!

Lastly, you get a back cover of the book that you can also choose to decorate with a photo. I edited this picture on my own to have this quote on it and then added it to the photobook! I love how these can be such personalized gifts for others or for a cute home decor piece. This is definitely an amazing product and I recommend checking it out for yourself!

Here is the link to the FreePrints Photo App:

Here is the link to FreePrints Photobooks App:

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-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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