FabFitFun Summer 2018 Box

I am super excited to share with you guys that I got my First FabFitFun Box! I am overly excited to unbox my first FabFitFun on my blog, this is something that I’ve wanted to do before I even started my blog and I cannot believe that this is happening. It’s so surreal and I’m ecstatic!

Once I opened it I was just completely blown away at how much stuff is actually in this box! The first glimpse of the inside of the box I was already thrilled to see a lot of cute stuff. This made me realize how much I enjoyed unboxing especially since I couldn’t wait to rip everything out of the box and start playing with everything!!

So let’s get down to what’s inside the box!! There was a magazine that explained the products inside of the box. There was also a really cute microfiber beach towel blanket that had a very nice tropical vibe to it. I also got a skin peel from Elemis which is awesome because I’ve been meaning to get one of these. I got a WCS paper straw which is amazing that they put in these boxes, this will help with the pollution with straws. I got a Marianella body caviar that smells amazing. I also got a very cute ring dish from Pier 1 that I already have set out in my room. I got a super cute coin purse that I am now using. The two things I am most excited about in this box are the Foreo LUNA which is a silicone, sonic powered facial cleansing brush and the Tarte Pro Glow highlighting and contour palette. Another item that I am very happy about being in this box is the Coola face sunscreen.

I really love this box, it lived up to all of its great expectations. I was not disappointed whatsoever because the box was as amazing as I imagined. If you really want to try this box like I did, I recommend trying it out sooner rather than later. If you want to sign up to get the FabFitFun box feel free to use my referral link: http://xo.fff.me/jal5G

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and comment down below if you like the FabFitFun box and also do not forget to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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