June Boxycharm

I am so excited to talk about this months Boxycharm! I love the theme for this month and I honestly am feeling summer vibes from this box. So let’s get into the exciting products I got this month.

With just opening the box I wasn’t sure which product spoke to me more and which one to grab first. Everything is pretty, bright and colorful I would say that these products are definitely vanity worthy.

One thing that we got this month in the Boxycharm box was three face Luxie brushes. I love these brushes and have gotten them in previous beauty boxes before. I actually use a Luxie contour brush daily, so I was very happy getting these.

Something else that was extremely exciting was Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream! This cream smells absolutely amazing and I was super excited to test it out. I definitely feel that this cream tightens the skin after using it!

Next we got some lashes from Battington Beauty. These lashes are in such cute packaging #1, #2 they are pretty good quality and I’ve worn them with natural makeup and they gave a very flirty look to my eyes. I’m always happy getting lashes in beauty boxes.

I got a Jonteblu Eyeliner, I am not too fond of getting pencil liners because I have little to no use for them. But it definitely expanded my makeup collection so I can’t be mad at that. It was a very silky eyeliner and was very pigmented, it also didn’t smudge much.

I got a matte lip paint by Girlactik. I have never used this brand before but the lippy is good quality and is very pigmented! I love the shade they sent me as well it’s almost a dark pink rose shade.

The next item that I was half sad and half happy about was the Alamar Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette. This palette is very pigmented and pretty but I had an issue with the palette because the shade Cafecito was completely shattered and when I opened the palette the brown shade got all over my room. I ended up fixing the shadow myself which was kind of difficult but I think it ruined the shadow itself and also the red shade to the left of it Guantanamera so when swatched these shades came out terribly. I contacted Boxycharm for a new palette but they are asking for the box it came in which has already been thrown away. If you would like to join Boxycharm for $21 per month feel free to use my referral code: Steph-UEWVPIQO at checkout! Boxycharm Website

Other than the minor inconveniences I was very happy with this box! I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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